Georgia Chapter


The Georgia chapter actually began over 11 years ago not as a chapter, but as a prayer group that had been in existence for over 20 years! Once the discussion of sacrificial giving was put before these ladies, they sent a large panel truck to Shallotte, North Carolina to the North Carolina chapter full of sacrificial gifts for our very first auction. These ladies have supported Widow’s Mite in every way possible from that day, until this day! Now, we have formed a chapter and bring so many exciting talents to our ministry.

JANET VAUGHAN, President – Janet is very creative and extremely organized, which are two extremely appreciated gifts she brings to Widow’s Mite. She feels very grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Lord by partnering with Widow’s Mite Experience to bring both spiritual and physical water to those who are in need.

JULIE SMITH, Secretary – Julie is an active prayer warrior involved in intercession co-leading her church ministry team and is active in the SOZO ministry. The gifts she brings to Widow’s Mite are truly a blessing.

BOBBI JACKSON, Treasurer – Bobbi is very active in her bible study, prayer group, and is a leading intercessor at Faith Church. She enjoys being a board member for Widow’s Mite because she gets to be apart of all the events and especially enjoys the creative activities.

JACKIE BENNETT, – Jackie has been in nursing most of her life and was Physician Liaison at Children’s healthcare until her retirement. She enjoys serving on the board to help provide safe drinking water for children around the world, while Widow’s Mite Experience introduces her beloved Jesus and fulfills her spiritual needs .

DONNA JOHNSON, – Donna has been very active at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church here in Atlanta and led their prayer group for over 20 years. She helps bring laughter and smiles to the Widow’s Mite Ministry.

COPELAND BAKER BOYD, – is a CEO of Corporate Office Cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia. Copeland has always had a desire to help people in desperate circumstances and Widow’s Mite Experience opened a door for her to pursue this passion.

NANCY ANDERSON, – Nancy is very active in real estate in Atlanta. She has a heart for the Lord and helping those in need. She is a welcomed member of Widow’s Mite Experience.

SHARON CLARKE, – Sharon is very active in every aspect in her community and has always been there to help. Widow’s Mite Experience is a perfect outlet for her creative skills and her love for children in need.

SUZANNE ROBERTS, – Suzanne enjoys studying God’s Word and writing daily devotionals, along with a devotional book called “Power Up”. She has been involved in Widow’s Mite from its inception and her talents are appreciated.

WENDY JACKSON, – Wendy is an Interior Designer and loves to create for her clients, her church and children medical facilities! Her heart is to simply help those in need! Wendy’s talents will be welcomed to help make our events visually amazing!


March 2015- Our Purse Auction held at the Dunwoody country club was a success due to the amazing support of all who attended. We were able to raise over $30,000 for clean water projects that are in need!!!

Please be sure to check our events page for more information regarding our upcoming “Blingo Bingo”!!


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