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The Colorado Chapter had its first board meeting in August 2010. These board members want to obey God and win the battle to save the lives of children/people and expand the kingdom of God. Each month, the board members pray and fast together. Prayer is essential to this ministry. Our vision for WME is that one day there will not be a village anywhere on earth that does not have clean drinking water and an understanding of the love of Jesus and what He did on the cross for each for us. From 2010 to the end of 2013, the Colorado chapter has drilled over 50 water wells around the world and shared the love of Jesus. We have also donated water to flood victims in Colorado and the Philippines as well as tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma. Only through the generous donations of women were we able to do this. Praise the Lord! Our address is 5251 South Quebec St. Suite 100, Greenwood Village, Co 80111. 720 328-0378;


DIANNE NEWBERRY,President – Dianne was a Department Administer in Hospitals and Homecare. As a retired nurse, she understands the importance of clean drinking water and feels lead by God to help children live by receiving clean drinking water and hearing the Word of God.

LISA YURGLICH,Vice President – in 2010, the Holy Spirit led her to start the Colorado chapter of WME to make an impact on this great need for water. She has a passion to see children thrive, especially where they are unable to receive basic needs like shelter, clean water and loving homes.

MARGIE STEPHENSON,Secretary – is a retired nurse and served in Vietnam as a USAF flight nurse as well as in the US. She is thankful to be part of Widow’s Mite Experience ministry, sharing the gospel and the love of Christ and providing water to the people in need.

HELENE SCHWEIGER,Prayer Intercessor – Helen is the owner of a Commercial Real Estate company. Her passion for many years has been intercession. She is thankful to be on the board of Widow’s Mite Experience so that water wells will be drilled in foreign countries and orphanages world wide.

CLAUDIA READ,   Board Member at Large – Claudia is a Professional Organizer and owner of “Getting Organized”. It is an honor and privilege for her to serve with Widow’s Mite Experience which provides clean drinking water while ministering the Word of God.

PAULETTE WENHOLZ, Treasurer – Paulette’s passion is that all can have the opportunity to hear the truth in the bible.  She is excited to be a part of the dual vision of WME in being able to provide clean water for the body and the water of the Word for the salvation of souls.


The Colorado chapter had a very exciting event in June branching out into a new area of north Denver inviting men and women to come and learn all about WME. A silent auction with many lovely items was held followed by a live auction hosted by Dianne Newberry and her dedicated board of directors. Dolls made by a precious women in Guatemala were featured, as well as Haitian jewelry. The event was held at a beautiful country club in Denver and the food provided at the luncheon was delicious. Because of the generosity of those attending, funds were raised for a well and irrigation project in Kenya. Everybody had a great time as they gave to help others.

2014 Colorado Chapter Live Purse Auction~ Sep 13, 2014 We will be having our annual Live Purse Auction where invited ladies bring a brand new purse to be auctioned off. It will be held at the Valley Country Club and a delicious lunch will be served. Our guest speak will be Janet Baker, Executive Director of Widow’s Mite Experience who will share all that WME is doing in the world. We will also share our wonderful experiences that the Colorado Board members experienced while in Guatemala; seeing first hand the impact that clean water has on the lives of so many. Come and enjoy this time with us.

2014 Spring Tea and Fashion Event Colorado Chapter ~ May 17, 2014 We are having a delectable tea and silent auction at the Valley Country Club on Saturday May 17th 1:30 to 4 pm. Our guest speaker, Beth Meadows of Orphan’s Promise, will be updating us on our involvement with Orphan’s Promise and their water needs. We will have a fun fashion show from Chico`s, featuring the latest style, complete with live models. This is a complementary event as all the tables have been underwritten by sponsors. Our goal is to impact orphans with their water related needs and provide life giving clean water along with the word of God. Feel free to wear a hat! It`s Springtime!

2014 Guatemala Mission Trip Colorado Chapter ~ Feb 17, 2014The 5 Board members of the Colorado Chapter were privileged to be able to go to Guatemala with Orphan’s Promise staff from CBN. We were there one week in and around the town of Antiqua as well as Guatemala City. We saw the impact that our donations for clean drinking water has made in different villages that we visited. It was emotional and rewarding to know that one school now has water where none existed before; that they have flushing toilets where none existed before and now have sinks and faucets to wash their little hands and faces. Other water projects involved not only the life giving water but also sanitation and a better way of life. Christ got all the praise. We visited women’s prisons and saw how the women take care of their babies inside the prison. Thankfully, some of the woman have accepted Christ but we prayed for all of them. It was such a humbling experience. We thank God we had the opportunity to see first hand what WME is doing in the world.

Lucite boxes for World Changers ~ Sep 4, 2012We used Lucite boxes with a lock to place in certain businesses that would encourage customers to put their spare change into the box when they checked out with their purchases. Our believe is that any spare change can eventually add up to have enough money to drill a well. One company we want to recognize is Mercer Place in Denver Colorado. Lana Mercer is the own of Mercer Place, a resale boutique. She believes in our cause and did indeed encourage customers to not just put spare change in, but dollar bills into the box. Within a few months, there was over a $100 in the box. Lana also had one rack with clothing with a sign selling each item of clothing for $1.00. Every dollar then went to World Changers to drill water wells. We really appreciate Lana’s efforts to help us. She said she will continue her support throughout the year. God Bless Lana.

Women’s Bible Study at Cherry Hills Community Church ~ Mar 13, 2012The Colorado Chapter is so grateful to the Tuesday morning women’s bible study at Cherry Hills Community Church. After Dianne Newberry and Helen Schweiger gave a presentation to these ladies about the ministry of Widow’s Mite Experience, these women generously donated over $3000 to drill a well in Haiti. As a result of a big event held on New Year’s eve of this year, Widow’s Mite Experience nationally had money to purchase our own water well drilling truck located in Haiti. The first water well to be drilled in Haiti will be funded by this group of Tuesday morning bible study women. The plaque on the well will indicate their support and prayers for a country that is in desperate need of clean water and the living water of Jesus.

World Changer Water Bottles~ Feb 28, 2012Be A World Changer!!! In Colorado, the concept, of having a small shaped water bottle located in homes and schools, was started in 2010. The idea is that families and/or school children would collect their spare change and put it into the water bottles. With many people participating, spare change can quickly add up to fund the drilling of a water well. One water well ususally costs $1800 to drill. In 2011, the World Changer water bottles were ready for distribution. Larger lucite boxes that could be locked, would be placed in certain businesses. As customers left these businesses, they could put their change or dollars into the lucite boxes. During the 2011 2nd annual purse auction, some of the ladies who attended took those water bottles home with them. In 2012, the water bottles are coming back to WME full of coins. The lucite boxes are placed in 8 businesses so far. At last check, these boxes were also collecting change and dollars.


FullSizeRenderMay 21st 2016 was our recent WME event.  It was a live purse auction to support Orphan’s Promise.  Beth Meadows, from OP, talked about the need for a water project at a ranch outside of Houston, Texas.  Once the ranch has water, then it can then open to bring in rescued young women from sex trafficking.  This ranch will provide physical, psychological and spiritual healing to these women who need a new way of living.  We were blessed by the generosity of the women who attended that we could supply all the funding to make this water project a reality. Praise the Lord. 


September 18th 2015- We had a Fun, Life Changing Evening at the Elegant Cherry Hills Country Club!! We had a scrumptious, complimentary dinner, live and silent auctions, and LOTS of FUN!

Our keynote speaker was Mario Bucaro, CBN Latin America Director, who spoke of a young boy named Jonathan, who wanted clean drinking water for his village.  His little sister was sick from drinking the polluted river water. By the end of this event, we were able to provide 2 big water projects, one for Jonathan’s village and for another village for the indigenous people of Costa Rica 

MAY 9TH, 2015 We had our Spring Tea and Fashion Show on May 9th 2015.  It was a delectable tea, silent auction and the Chico’s fashion show.  We asked the ladies to wear a Spring hat.  Beth Meadows from Orphan’s Promise updated us on the most current water needs for women and children.  Our goal/project is to help a pastor with an orphanage in the drought country of Kenya.  We want to drill a water well, powered by solar energy and allow drip irrigation to grow vegetables/corn, etc.  That way, this orphanage can be self sustaining and provided water and food to the surrounding community.

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