Jonathan’s Miracle Well


Jonathan’s Miracle Well

There was a precious little eleven year old boy named Jonathan. One day, while watching an Orphan’s Promise story on the 700 Club on television, he saw a well that had been drilled in a very needy village. This caught his attention. Jonathan’s village in Costa Rica had only dirty water which had to be drawn from a nearby river with dangerous sloping riverbanks. He had a little sister who would often get sick from drinking the dirty river water.

Jonathan had an idea…

He would write a letter and ask if they would drill a well for his village. Orphan’s Promise contacted a group of women called Widow’s Mite Experience, who raise money for wells all over the world, and asked if they would be willing to fund the well for Jonathan’s village.

Their answer was absolutely yes!

Ten ladies from Widow’s Mite Experience made the trip to Costa Rica and were there when Jonathan cut the ribbon on the new well for his village. There was quite a celebration! See video below:

There are thousands of Jonathans and villages without clean drinking water. March 22, 2017 is World Water Day; will you help us celebrate this special day by joining with us to fund clean water wells in other needy villages all over the world? For every $1800 we raise, an entire village gets clean water.