Teas & Coffees

Teas & Coffees

All women love coffees and teas but Widow’s Mite Experience’s coffees and teas offer a special surprise. We have lovely décor, scrumptious morsels and an added treat – an auction! As guests arrive, we open with a treasure filled silent auction and conclude with an exciting live auction. One of our most popular events is a pocketbook auction. We ask a hostess to invite a table of eight women to the coffee or tea, then we ask her to decorate her table with a theme close to her heart… but she has to do it with a pocketbook as the centerpiece. After our refreshments and a presentation sharing the importance of fresh, clean drinking water and the spiritual importance of “living water”, we begin our auction with the centerpieces. Each hostess’s centerpiece pocketbook goes to the highest bidder. Now you know the hostess’s guests want her centerpiece to win, so the bidding begins in earnest! We have a fabulous time and all of the net proceeds go to fund fresh water wells. We watch as these precious women catch the vision and then watch sacrificial giving take over. Centerpieces are sometimes given back to bid on again and some women even clean out a designer purse they brought to the event and we auction that pocketbook. We are thrilled with how God moves and allows us to meet the needs of his precious children that are desperate for life giving water. We have a wonderful time of delightful fellowship and all feel great as we head home knowing the day has been a win, win for all!


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